Reflection on Second Life

Second Life provides a platform for students to discuss topics and learn from each other, through this collaborative learning, active students can feel free to express themselves, it seems a creative way for learning, however the learning process could be slow since people can only use typing,  it offers learners a way to self-study and invest their extra time into autonomous learning, but it requires learners who are good at self-regulation to participate into the learning, since teacher cannot observe everyone’s  behavior then it’s hard to tell if learners’ needs can be fully satisfied. Different learners have different learning styles, while Second Life seems limited students capability, since they just sit in front of the computer and typing… Anyway, there are more options for us to explore.


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  1. Second Life · February 7, 2016


    >however, the learning process could be slow since people can only use typing…

    Second Life most definitely has the ability to communicate in Voice. Publicly (everyone with-in 20 meters hears you,) Group (a communal group can communicate by voice,) and Private (only you and the other person hear conversation.) I highly recommend everyone use Headphones or the talker will hear their own echo from someone using Speakers.

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